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Sleepless in America is not a Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie. This is real-life drama fueled by performance anxiety keeping you up all night worrying about being up all night. If you battle nightly dream stealers, you join 50 to 70 million American adults with chronic sleep disorders, or 10% of Americans with clinically diagnosed insomnia. We know optimal health requires rejuvenating sleep, and adversely, lack of sleep creates illness. In droves, insomnia-sufferers across America have fallen prey to the “take a pill and go to sleep” solution. Like Pavlov’s dogs, we have been trained to pop a pill to reap a sleep reward, expecting immediate sleep results, with little or no effort. We are further enticed by pharmaceutical industry assuring us, “Don’t worry, we have a drug for that.” Your health choices have been unfairly influenced by clever propaganda and drug data wizardry, resulting in a destructive drug path with long-term consequences and threats to your safety brought on by disturbing side effects, interactions, drug-induced diseases, nutrient depletions, and even addiction.

Undrugged Sleep exposes a non-biased, pharma-free, “Rest of the Story” truth about insomnia drugs. Are these drugs really as safe and effective as you think, and are there long-term consequences to extended use?